2018 Kidding Schedule 
ADGA Plus member doing LA, DHIR and DNA.
CAE, CL & Johne's tested negative thru WADDL and BioTracking; happy to show results.

We also test all does we drink the milk from for Q Fever & Brucellosis.

We sell Chaffhaye (pasture in a bag)

HealthEZ Hay Feeders
PolyDome Mini Dome Calf Huts
and  Farm Fresh Eggs

Reserve your kid now!!
Special discount for Military and 4H.
Contact us:  freedomstarfarm@gmail.com
Bethlehem Township
Hunterdon County
 NJ 08827​
please email for more info

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

We are a small farm located in West Central, New Jersey. We moved to this property in 2010. Here on our farm in Bethlehem Township we have chickens, ducks, peacock, pigs, dogs, cats and our wonderful Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

Thank you to all Veterans for your service and dedication to our country! 

We are members of the American Dairy Goat Association, lifetime members of the American Goat Society and the American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association. 
We are Evaluators for the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen test. Our love of animals brought us to own this tiny farm and we are so happy here raising our kids both 2 legged and 4. Feel free to contact us with any questions. 
In 2014 we started participating in ADGA PLUS program. ADGA PLUS program includes Linear Appraisal (which we have been doing since 2012) but also DHIR (305 day milk test) and DNA testing.  
In 2014 I was also elected as one of the eastern directors for the ANDDA who's purpose is to promote and ensure the vitality of the Nigerian Dwarf as a true miniature dairy breed.
I am a Dairy One certified Milk tester. If you are interested in testing your does let me know and I can walk you thru the options.