Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Chaffhaye right out of the bag.  ^

​Photo to the right >  is to show the beneficial yeast that is in some of the bags. This is good stuff for your animals like built in probiotics. If you are ever in question of it contact me or Chaffhaye directly. 

  We are a distributor of Chaffhaye! 
Pasture in a bag:
  $17.50 per bag 
  $16.50 per bag if 10 or more are bought

  Inquire about our per pallet price.
  Delivery is available at a fee.

  Is your hay quality questionable? 
  Do your goats waste hay? 
  Is alfalfa hay expensive?
  Are you feeding a lot of grain? 

  Do you want more milk production or better fiber?
  If you answered yes to any or all of these then try Chaffhaye! 
  It is chop alfalfa in a bag with a special treatment that allows it to retain its moisture and thus not loose any nutritional quality.  

  I see 0-1% waste depending on the goat fed and   that is a HUGE reduction in waste.