SGCH NC PromisedLand RC Bonnie 3*M
2015LA EEVV 89

 Bonnie came to my herd in 2014 and man was I excited. This girl and her genetics are amazing. It was hard to get her settled and then she ended up losing her twins a few weeks early. I started up milking her right away and have stuck with it but I think with a real freshening she will have better capacity. She did earn her milk star which is a 3*M. I only know of 2 prior freshenings despite her being 6. Her first freshening was when she lived with Phoenix Farm and gave birth to the amazing doe Phoenix Farm Summer Bird and a buck kid who is now deceased. She had a single doe at her home after that and that doe lived to yearling then died of pneumonia. Watch for her future kids here. :)

Nigerian Dwarf Goats