Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Freedom Star Farm

Freedom Star Farm is happy to work with local schools and programs to share the love and benefits of these great Nigerian Dwarf goats! Some of our special programs are below:

Click here to see our goats helping a local school out on USA today!

Some of our goats have gone to live at the new SeaQuest learning center in Woodbridge, NJ!

SeaQuest is a hands on learning experience open to all ages. 

A few of our lovely goats are at the Roseamond Gifford Zoo, New York.

We have goats that do land clearing under certain special setups.

One of our group helps maintain a historical farm property. 

We have goats at other schools as well as programs for both physical and intellectually challenged persons.

Our goats can serve as wonderful aids in healing and support. 

We do lease our goats to a few Goat Yoga locations around NJ since we are not set up for farm yoga at this time we feel this is a fun way to allow people and the goats some fun activities!