Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Freedom Star Farm

Goat Starter Buckets are perfect for everyone bringing home their new buddies!!!

         additional options like feed, hay and Alfahay will save you any trip to the store

Additional options:

25# goat grains feed $10

50# goat grains feed $20

50# Alfahay $20

25# bailed hay $10

SM loose goat mineral $10

LG lose goat mineral $20

SM Kelp meal $20

LG Kelp meal $40

50# kelp meal $125

Used Crates:

X-Small (only suitable for newborn kids) $25

Small (Can fit 2 bottle kids) $35

Medium (good for a few babies at weaning or 1 adult) $55

Large (suitable for 2 adults) $75

**please understand that the goats like to feel secure when being transported but the sizes I am suggesting are intended for travel of up to a few hours only. Different size crates will be required if you are transporting long distance. 

Goat Starter bucket $75:

2 gallon water bucket

hoof trimmers

probiotic paste

nutrient boost paste


60cc oral administration syringe

SM tub loose goat minerals

small feed bowl

upgraded starter bucket $100 

includes SM Kelp Meal

​Copper Bolus for 1year