We have mini PolyDomes for sale.

 These make wonderful goat houses or for sheep and many other species. 
 They measure 72"diameter and 60"high. I provide one for every 5 adult Nigerian Dwarfs  but they tend to enjoy snuggling together and I find 10 in one often. 

  For sale for pickup here at the farm $250 each which includes the vent cap. 
  *If you are farm assessed bring a ST7 and you can buy them for $235.
  please contact us for pickup arrangements: freedomstarfarm@gmail.com 973-590-4777

I can get all of products from the PolyDome company but please call for a price quote since I have to add in the freight cost that they charge me. 

They have the rectangle calf huts and dog houses as well as small buildings and grain hoppers. 

Nigerian Dwarf Goats