All Wethers $150.
Bucks are only offered out of does who exemplify breed standard. 
Doe and Buck price will vary but start at $350. Generally doe kids from FF's are priced $350-450. Kids from proven does $400-600 and kids from finished Champions $600 and up depending on additional merits. 
Kids can come with application for ADGA & AGS or NDGA on request. 
We will ship but shipping cost is added onto price of kid.
Discounts for Military and 4H.

 If interested in reserving a kid from our current or future breedings you can place deposits below by selecting from the              drop menu of wether, buck or doe.

Please email us to let us know if you want a specific breeding to place your reservations on.

If you are not concerned with the parents but hoping for a specific color please let us know that also.

Not that we can special order them but we will note your hope on your reservation.

Your deposit does not expire so you can pass up as many kids as you want until your perfect kid is born.                  


Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. No goat may leave the farm until paid in full. 

No goat is reserved until we send you a confirmation email. Deposits are first come first serve. 

A $50 deposit will reserve your choice of kids as they are born 1st choice to 1st person in line, etc.. 
There is no time limit if 20 kids are born and none is the right one for you no problem maybe the next will be.

Once a selection is made you must pay half the price of the kid chosen. 

Once a selection is made if the buyer backs out of the sale for any reason they will forfeit their deposit. 

If the animal is not picked up by 7 days after weaning  or the animal is already weaned the animal will be forfeited back to Freedom Star Farm unless arrangement has been made for boarding at a daily rate of $5.

Bottle kids must be picked up within a few days of going on bottle unless arranged. We do not bottle feed kids for other people unless arranged to do so at a cost of $5 per day. 

*Please fill out a copy of the 

*Some bucks are sold with the option that Freedom Star Farm can purchase 30 straws of semen back at the cost of collection. We ask that you refrain from marketing your Freedom Star buck’s semen until you have been able to evaluate his daughters in milk.

Check out the Breeding Lineup  
We reserve the right to retain any kid born for our own herd.
We are taking deposits to reserve your choice now. No animal is reserved until we have confirmed it with you.
Deposit can be made by PayPal below the list. 
A deposit is not required to be on our waiting list but people with deposits take precedence over those with none.
Please contact us to be added to the waiting list.

   Waiting List 2021  -
Updated 10-8-20 * accepting reservations 

  2 pet weaned- Jane W

  2 BB pet 1D- Sally A

  1 BB cou BE- Sandra W.

  1BB BE registered- Julie G



Adult does for sale now. 
 Adult does for sale now. 7months and older prices start at 350.

A few does will be sold "in milk" this year for a ready milk supply; reserve yours now!

Weather Kid

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For buck kids I have a few breedings that should produce some great potential herdsires. Inquire if interested. :)


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