Freedom Star NP Sochi
DOB 2/22/14   single    VV++85
6-28-14 Reserve Champ Jr
6-28-14 Grand Champ Jr
2014 ANDDA All American Jr Doe

8-12-17 Grand Champ Sr & Best in Breed

Sire: Proctor Hill Farm Nels Prodigy *B
Dam: Half-Pint Herd Sasha Blu

Freedom Star JW Basil Hayden's
DOB 4/7/14    single
Sire: Freedom Star Farm Jokers Wild
Dam: Freedom Star DK Whiskey Girl

Freedom Star OR Silver Sable         For sale after kidding as she is too skittish for my liking $500. Milks well 
DOB 4/23/14    twin
Sire: Proctor Hill Farm IH Omega Red
Dam: AGS Howling HIll Psamathe
8-9-14 Grand Champ Jr
2014 ANDDA All American Jr Doe

Freedom Star LEO Leap of Faith
DOB 5/10/14    twin
Sire: CH Little Tots Estate Leonidas *B
Dam: GCH Caesar's Villa P Faith
8-9-14 Grand Champ Jr
2014 ANDDA Reserve All American Jr Doe

Freedom Star TEC Irish Coffee
Sire: Freedom Star DEV Techne
Dam: Mini Miracles Latte

Freedom Star JW Magnolia
DOB 6/6/14             VV++84
Sire: Freedom Star Farm Jokers WIld
Dam: AGS Howling HIll Marigold

Freedom Star DK Irisa
6/9/14                    VV+V85
Sire: Phoenix Farm Dark Knight *B
Dam: Freedom Star DEV Defiance
8-8-15 Grand Champ Jr doe earning her Jr leg 

Freedom Star Action Stop
4/17/15 ---- Jr leg
Sire: Vincek Farm Action Jackson
Dam: Minny Meadows R Fastforward

Freedom Star BJ StormWeather
5/1/15 --- Jr leg
Sire: Phoenix Farm Blue Jay
Dam: Freedom Star DK Stormkeeper

Freedom Star SD Widget
Sire: Phoenix Farm Super Duty
Dam: AGS Caesar's Villa R Bridget's Girl

Freedom Star Leo Butterfly
4/6/15 ---Jr leg
Sire: CH Little Tots Estate Leonidas *B
Dam: Freedom Star Midgefly

Freedom Star DW Lynx
Sire: Proctor Hill Farm AB Driftwood
Dam: Freedom Star DR Bobcat

Freedom Star SOR Tabitha
Sire: NC PromisedLand RC Sorcerer *B
Dam: SGCH Howling Hill Thalassa 1*M

SGCH NC PromisedLand RC Bonnie 3*M

2/27/09  VEEE91

We have been doing Linear Appraisal since 2012 and joined ADGA PLUS program in 2014 doing not only Linear Appraisal but also DHIR 305 day milk test and DNA testing. 

We are adding a page for each doe as we have time. On their own page is where udder shots and more info on them can be found. 

SG Freedom Star Trstn Deerdra 1*M

4/14/13  VVVE88

SGCH AGS Howling Hill Marigold 1*M

3/13/10  EEEV90

CH AGS Creeks Snow White


Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Had to say goodbye to this amazing doe in March 2018 

GCH AGS Caesar's Villa P Faith 1*M

2/22/05  VEEV89

SGCH AGS Howling Hill Thalassa 1*M 

4/30/09  EEEV90

SG AGS Howling Hill Psamathe 1*M

4/30/09  VEEV89