Nigerian Dwarf Goats


Freedom Star Farm

SGCH Howling Hill Marigold 1*M *D
DOB 3-10-10 triplet
2015 LA EEEV 90 permanent score
2014 LA EEVV 90
7-13-14 Grand Champ Sr doe 
8-9-14 Grand Champ Sr doe
2014 ANDDA All American Doe
2014 lactation which was her first on test she earned her * for both Butterfat and Protein
2015 Marigold has gone Reserve to Snow White 2 times prior to...
8-8-15 Grand Champ Sr earning her 3rd leg!

2011 single wether
2012 twin wethers
2013 MF twins -sired by NC PromisedLand Deviant -Freedom Star DEV Defiance
2014 MMF triplets -sired by Freedom Star Farm Jokers Wild -Freedom Star JW Magnolia
2015 BB twins-sired by NC PromisedLand RC Sorcerer -one wethered the other Freedom Star SOR Wulf who has gone to Alaska to be a herd sire. 

Marigold has
3 Grand Champion wins and 2 Reserve Grand wins. She is now a finished CH!

I realized I did not have a rear udder shot of her up here and this is the one I found; guess I need to get a filled one next freshening. It is a shame to post a not filled one but at least you can see udder height and medial.