Nigerian Dwarf Goats


Freedom Star Farm

NC Promisedland RC Sorcerer *B*S
DOB 1/22/09 quad
Sorcerer at a show in Oct 2015. I had him collected shortly after and he has left for a new home where he can grace another herd with his amazing genetics. 
Photos of Sorcerer from Cloverhill Farm
NC PromisedLand RC Sorcerer *B*S Rosasharn TL Cauldron *S++B 90VEE Rosasharn's Tiger L +*S++B 82 AE Stonewall's Apocalypse Now                        
ARMCHGoodwood Water Lilly 2*D  
Rosasharn's UK Witch-Hazel 5*D Rosasharn's TL Ukelele Ke'a *S+B  
 Rosasharn's Hazel Nut 4*D  
SGCH NC PromisedLand Legacy Sunday 2*M 3*D
91VEEE top 10 doe
NC Promisedland BW Legacy B 86VE NC Promisedland Bruce Willis  
Promisedland JP Echo Promiseland S Jackpot
ARMCH/SGCH Promisedland Good Day Sunshine 1*M2*D 91VEEE ARMCH Caesar's Villa CBS Cowpoke ++*S+B  
Willow Creek Goodnight Irene *D                        
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Photos of his dam below courtesy of Willow Moon Farm and NC Promisedland. His dam Legacy Sunday was top 10 with ADGA in 2011 for total milk production and butterfat. In 2012 she was top 10 with AGS for production, butterfat and protein! Her production is amazing in 2011 into 2012 she had a 563 day lactation producing 1755lbs at 6.1%BF and 3.8%P. In 2013 she did 382 days in milk and produced 1282pounds. She appraised VEEE91 as well. She is a all around wonderful doe and I am so happy to have a son from her. 

Below is one of Sorcerers daughters Swiss Miss owned by Humble Acres. Photos courtesy of Humble Acres on her 1st freshening with 12 hours of milk.

Another Sorcerer daughter Zelda below photos courtesy of Dawnland farm.