Dreahook C Star Tracker Dreahook Cedar MCH Gay-Mor's gNat Winged Pegasus E  Gay-Mor's
LS gNat *S
Gay-Mors JJU Larksong *S
Gay-Mor Kingpin's Lacewing 4 *D AR1565
Gay-Mor's RA Nightwing
Stonewall\'s Raising Arizona S
ARMCH Unicorn Farm Parnell's Panda*D
Bumble Bee
MCH Doe-Sy-Doe FS Victory Flame *S E  MCH Twin Creeks WB Fire Storm *S E 
Thumbelina 2*D E
MCH TX Twincreeks WDF Wanna Dance?  MCH Pecan Hollow Willy'sDanceFever *S 
MCH HBF LS Darlin Clementine *D 
Dreahook W Bliss 87VVEV 4 Fun Willy Wonka     Caesar's Villa STS Sharpie *S ARMCH Caesar's Villa CBS Stetson ++*S                          
 Stonewall's Serena *D
                          MCH 4 Fun Tiara     Flat Rocks Onyx                          
ARMCH 4 Fun Southern Pride 3*D                          
MCH Dreahook June Bug TX Twincreeks FAX Valinor *S Twin Creeks WB Shadowfax *S
MCH Gay-Mor's JJU Nonpareil 4*D E
MCH Dreahook Rainbow Rhapsody MCH Gay-Mor's gNat's Winged Pegasus
CornerStone Farm Talitha Cumi
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Dreahook C Star Tracker    

LA2016  VEE89

Star Tracker came to me in Oct 2015 as a 4 year old. I am very impressed by his length of body and levelness of rump. He is severly low on his front pasterns as a result of malnutrition or lack of minerals at certain growth stages in his life. He also seams foundered on his front right pastern and I am unsure if this also was feed related or due to a injury. I will to the best of my ability work to correct this issue as I hope to keep him around for many more years. I am confident if the pasterns can improve that he would excel in the show ring. I can't wait to see some kids from him in Spring 2016. *Update his first kids are very nice looking and with only some improvement on the front pasterns Star Tracker has already earned 1 CH leg. 

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